Creating God Space: A Beginner’s Journey into Quieting The Mind

Life can be hectic and stressful. Life can be joyous and filled with adventure. During this beginners class you will explore mindfulness meditation and meeting life where you are….happy, sad, grateful, anxious, overwhelmed…Come join a safe and welcoming place to explore the art of nonjudgmental moment to moment awareness.

We invite you to ‘be still’ in order to explore…

  • What if that sanctuary was a space you could access anytime, any place?
  • What if you could find that calm during the stress of daily life?
  • What if you could quiet your mind and be able to fully experience your relationships?
  • What if you could create “God Space” in your daily activities?

Learn basic tools of mindfulness that you can use to help observe and hear the voice of God—and create or strengthen your “God Space”.

Well of Mercy provides a quiet sanctuary for adults seeking the right relationship with self, others, God and creation.

Mindfulness Retreat Includes:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • The connection of the Body, Feelings, and the Mind
  • Discovering Your Compassionate Voice
  • Simple skills to become present and grounded anywhere
  • Time for Reflection and Practice

Please come and explore as we dip our toes into the waters at the Well. Register now before this can’t-miss retreat fills up.

Meet the Instructor

Susan Bednarick is a passionate teacher and student of creating spiritual space to nurture, strengthen and celebrate the unique Light in each of us. Susan is trained in Mindfulness and Self-compassion. As a cultural explorer with a vast experience in providing and facilitating spiritual growth, Susan has a great deal of wisdom to share during this experiential retreat.

Cancellation Policy

Contact our office at 704-539-5449 with questions or to make an overnight reservation. Office hours Wednesday – Saturday 10am-5pm.

Well of Mercy is a ministry of hospitality and healing sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.

Retreat Dates:
August 5 @11AM-August 7@11AM

Cost: $280-$380