• $55.00 – Program Price

Date & Time Details:
Wednesday, August 21st, 2024
10:30am - 4:30pm

Maximum Attendees: 12

Cancellation Policy: Information

Retreat Mercy: If you would like to attend this event but are financially unable to pay the suggested donation, please contact our office. We offer a limited number of reduced fee slots. For more information click here.

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Day in Nature with Mindfulness Meditation and Forest Walk

With Susan Bednarick and Jordan Marvin

August 21, 2024

The sound of the Carolina wrens singing, the smell of freshly cut flowers, the bright blue skies and brilliant green foliage…Summer has sprung.  A celebration of Summer.

 So why do we still feel stress during this time?  Stress may involve trying to do too much, maybe money worries, the striving towards perfection, judgmental thoughts, loneliness, grief and loss … Stress comes in many forms both large and small, expected and unexpected.  Self-compassion and nature are the antidote to stress. Come and fill your self-compassion bank account, set yourself apart and take time for that beautiful and wonderful you.

The day will begin with a group gathering in the Chapel with a mindfulness reflection. Your day will include group time as well as time on your own to enjoy a summer afternoon of quiet reflection. Lunch will be provided.  After lunch, sink into your own time to walk the prayer path, rest in the embrace of a hammock or swing,  or sit and listen at the water’s edge.  Walk the prayer paths with new awareness, rest in the embrace of the labyrinth or just sit and listen at the water’s edge.  

The group will gather again for a mindfulness forest walk to soak into the nature that surrounds you, listen to the sounds of the breeze blowing through the treetops, water tumbling over rocks, birdsongs, the sights and smells that surround you as you move around God’s creation.

Enjoy a day of quiet meditation and reflection. Leave rejuvenated with easy tools to soothe your nervous system and “gift” yourself some compassionate joy.

“I learned a long time ago the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side.”  

-Maya Angelou


Susan Bednarick
Susan Bednarick is a passionate facilitator and student of creating spiritual space to nurture, strengthen and celebrate the unique Light in each of us. Susan is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Sounds True and the Awareness Training Institute, certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and currently studying with National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Wellness Coach. She enjoys volunteering at Well of Mercy offering programs.
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Jordan Marvin
 Jordan is a multifaceted naturalist, horticulturist and plant whisperer with a strong passion for helping people connect with the natural environment. She believes that learning is one of life’s greatest purposes and is currently deepening her understanding of Herbalism through the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine with hopes to someday become a Holistic Health Practitioner. Intertwining her knowledge of ethnobotany and spiritual practices from around the world, Jordan aims to provide individuals with the tools to create harmony within themselves and with the Earth.   Jordan serves as the landscape coordinator at Well of Mercy.
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