Introduction to Enneagram Workshop

“The Enneagram, is not about fixing who we think we are. It is about inviting us into the palace of
who we really are” —Russ Hudson

Have you ever wondered…..
How can the Enneagram be a tool to help develop emotional intelligence and spiritual
development? How can it be used as a map for self discovery?
How can it help me notice my limiting behaviors, ego strategies, fixations, core wounds, as well
as point me to my higher capacities, strengths, and gifts.
How can it be a path to open into my True Self and be a fuller expression of my aliveness?
What are the 9 personality types and how does each type view and react to the world? How can
“seeing” the filter of my personality fuel my path for inner freedom?

Summer Estes invites you to explore these questions above as we offer an engaging introduction
to the Enneagram. Discover how the Enneagram is a powerful tool in uncovering the barriers we
have within to our wholeness and through greater presence embody our inner wisdom and gifts.

In this introductory offering, we will cover the following:
• Define the Enneagram
• Explore the 3 centers of intelligence (Body, Heart and Mind)
• Briefly look at the nine personality types and how each views and reacts to the world
• A few experiential practices to grow awareness and emotional intelligence

Those new and old to the Enneagram will gain new insights from this engaging workshop

This introductory workshop will not include individual typing. You do not need to know your
type to gain from this workshop and it is helpful to have an overview of all the types including
one’s own.
If you do not know your type we invite you to visit
Take the $12 Riso Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator

Meet the Instructor

Summer Estes, MA, LCMHC, is a licensed psychotherapist, breath facilitator, founder of Embodied-Intelligence, and has a special interest in deep inner work that integrates both  perennial wisdom, somatic, and mindfulness practices. Summer has been a student of the  Enneagram since 2010 and began the training program in 2017 at The Enneagram Institute in New York with Russ Hudson. She graduated in 2019. Summer loves to create co-creative learning and healing environments. She has been on faculty with The Second Breath Center, a Christian Wisdom school in Greensboro NC. She has led many inner work workshops with organizations including Cone Health and Compass Greensboro. She has worked in the healing arts for over 17 years.

Cancellation Policy

Contact our office at 704-539-5449 with questions or to make an overnight reservation. Office hours Wednesday – Saturday 10am-5pm.

Well of Mercy is a ministry of hospitality and healing sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.

Retreat Date:
August 31 @12:30pm-4:30pm

Cost: $50