Chapel of Mercy

Chaple of Mercy

Tucked in the woods, is a beautiful peace-filled Chapel of Mercy that provides inspiring views from every angle. This holy space is open to individuals for prayer, meditation, journaling and perhaps a miracle or two. The Chapel of Mercy was completed in May 2005, and is open to all guests (unless otherwise reserved) with vespers each evening at 5pm.

Catherine’s Hearth

Chaple of Mercy

Located below the Chapel of Mercy is a healing space where the services of Spiritual Direction and Healing Touch occur. Services are by appointment only.

“God ahead, God behind.
God be on the path I wind.
God above, God below
God be everywhere I go.”

~ Celtic Prayer



An ancient tool for prayer and meditation is a meandering but purposeful path leading to the center and out again. The sacred path, symbolic of life’s journey, is meant to give those using it a chance to pray, meditate, and find wholeness. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has only one path leading to the center and back out again.

Well of Mercy’s labyrinth is an eleven-circuit labyrinth, similar to the one on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France, which dates back to the 13th century. Over 3,000 bricks, and 3 tons of sand were used in the construction of this unique labyrinth. A meditation gazebo is situated nearby.

Prayer Path

Prayer Path

Guests can take advantage of over two miles of nature trails through the 110-acres of woods which includes a creek and 14 prayer stations. The paths and benches provide a quiet place for a stroll, contemplation, or forest bathing. Visitors often report sightings of wild turkey, deer and an abundance of songbirds.

Laura’s Place

Laura's Place

Located near the parking lot is an outdoor oasis donated in loving memory of Laura Moore – a former guest and treasured friend of Well. This screened pavilion is a wonderful way to enjoy the out-of-doors, regardless the weather, with an inviting stone fireplace and comfortable seating. (added in 2014)

Cross in the Woods

Cross and Bench

Secluded near the prayer path, with a bench for quiet contemplation, awaits the Cross in the Woods.

Peace Room

Peace Room

Enjoy curling up before a fire in cold weather, reading a book from the library, receiving a massage, browsing the gift shop, creating in the Art Room, or working a puzzle.


Cross in woods bench

A 35-foot bridge spans the creek and provides guests a wonderful spot to sit and reflect.  Facing east, watch as the water carries away your worries. Facing west, receive blessings as the water flows towards you.

Map of Property

Find other treasures on your visit to include; a gazebo, the grotto, the meadow, Mothers Garden, the Sacred Circle, and more. View the map.


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