Personal Retreats

Day & Overnight

Well was founded for the individual to have time apart in the quiet. Come be in a place where time is your own and you are not responsible for anything.

All visits to Well of Mercy are by advance reservation for both Day visits and Overnight stays. Please contact the office Wednesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm to check availability.

Virtual Retreats

Even when you can’t travel to Well of Mercy, you can benefit from the peace and healing through virtual programs. Check the retreats for both on-property and virtual offerings.

Retreat Mercy

If you would like to attend a retreat but are financially unable to do so, you may apply for partial Retreat Mercy (i.e., financial assistance towards the ticket price) by completing the request form. We offer a limited number of reduced fee slots for Day, Virtual or Overnight Retreats. Requests may be granted up to 1 time/year/person.

Well Group Retreats

Sharing in spiritual and guided silent retreats are offered throughout the year by staff and other facilitators; guiding guests to sink more fully into the quiet and time of soulful reflection. The comfort of traveling with likeminded sojourners can be healing as well as a way of easing into preparation for a separate personal retreat.

Want to Bring a Group?

Well of Mercy is a wonderful place to host small groups that are in alignment with our mission. We specialize in accommodating overnight retreat sizes of 4 to 14 people (with maximum overnight capacity of 18).  We can also host small day groups of 10-20 in size.

Please complete the group request form to begin the process of identifying if Well is the right place to bring your group. We are planning 3-6 months in advance, and 6-12 months for September to December retreats, so please have various date options in mind. Note: To insure a great fit, all group leaders must either visit before committing or have been a prior guest.  See the FAQ​ for more details about hosting a group at Well of Mercy.

All content found on Well of Mercy's website is intended as suggestions for independent spiritual exploration and is not meant to be prescriptive. Before beginning a practice, or engaging in an activity that may affect mental and/or physical health, please discuss any concerns with an appropriate medical or mental health provider.