Why Retreat

Well of Mercy was founded based on the question the foundresses heard over and over; “Do you know a place where I can go?” In this modern world it is hard to find a place we can go without interruption or noise, which makes hearing the Divine and our own souls challenging. Taking time for quiet reflection is like putting your own oxygen mask on before helping someone else with theirs.  We can only give to others when we are properly nourished. Come to the Well and be Refreshed.

See the Visit page for more information on scheduling a retreat.

All visits to Well of Mercy are by advance reservation for both Day visits and Overnight stays. Please contact the office Wednesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm to check availability. 

From the moment I come on the property a weight is lifted. I feel so at peace and always leave a better person.

~ Well Guest

Welcome to the Quiet

Come and “be” at Well of Mercy where you can relax and hear that still small voice from God.  Sink into the quiet in a supportive environment surrounded by nature. Well is a place where you are welcomed to sit and ponder or explore the prayer path – in silence. No expectations or goals to achieve.

We maintain Quiet in all buildings, guest houses, and even as you move about the property. Meal time is our opportunity to communicate and enjoy the company of others. You are always encouraged to ask staff for what you need during your stay.

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All content found on Well of Mercy's website is intended as suggestions for independent spiritual exploration and is not meant to be prescriptive. Before beginning a practice, or engaging in an activity that may affect mental and/or physical health, please discuss any concerns with an appropriate medical or mental health provider.