The Well Story

The Well well

Slowly, I will choose the solitude if only for this brief time. I will turn my back on the perfection that I so often chase and relax into the mystery.

~ Well Guest

Welcome to the Quiet

Well of Mercy offers a spiritual environment, respectful hospitality, and quiet sanctuary for those in need of a temporary respite from daily demands, expectations, and stresses or those who may simply wish to move apart for a time of prayer, rest, and renewal.

Well of Mercy is dedicated to serving individuals and small groups in a homelike environment. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit ministry, Well depends on the generosity of guests and donors.

Well of Mercy is a retreat center; not a hotel, vacation rental, conference center, clinical or therapeutic facility.

woman meditating on deck

Well of Mercy: The Beginning

By Dr. Mary John Dye, Well Guest

Before the land… before the road… before the buildings…before anything we enjoy today, the foundation of Well of Mercy was already laid. The Well of Mercy story begins with Scripture — Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well.

For two Sisters of Mercy, this text was more than inspiration. The story recounted in the Gospel of John 4 became a call that situated their ministry in the place we now know as Well of Mercy in Northern Iredell County, North Carolina.

With Sister Donna Marie Vaillancourt’s background in psychology and theology, and Sister Brigid McCarthy’s in education and counseling, they both had exercised their gifts as Sisters of Mercy in Belmont, North Carolina. Sister Donna led retreats and workshops, and Sister Brigid counseled individuals, families, and groups. They kept encountering a recurring question. Where can I take a spiritual and emotional break from the daily demands and expectations of my life? “Do you know a place I can go for temporary respite, for personal retreat and rest?”   continue reading this historical narrative

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